So, now you learn you have IC, we say IC because it is so much easier than interstitial cystitis. I found so much information, and help from a few sites and a few books I read. But mostly, for me it is very difficult to tell the difference between Endo pain and IC pain. I do know that sitting for long periods of times, ie football games, road trips, any hard surface, is impossible and causes my external genitalia to burn with pain.

The best site I have found for almost everything you need.

IC Help.Org
 suggest this be the very first place you go. I don’t blog about IC a lot because it is so difficult to tell what is IC and what is endometriosis. But please feel free to contact me, comment or email me and we can discuss anything you like on the topic!

Reading Must Haves
The Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide 

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