All we want are answers.  But sadly, we don’t always find them at the Dr. I’ve learned far more from my fellow endo sisters.
First, twitter.
I first found support via twitter.  is a wonderful lady, who essentially hooked me up with many endo sisters!

Facebook, simply go to your account and type Endo and many groups will come up. Tops of support, and all are closed groups, so you feel much safer posting personal issues.

Blogs worth reading.

  1. Ask Me About My Endo– Kelsey Chin is an amazing, informative, wonderful endo sufferer who really believes in fighting back.
  2. Endo Hope– Not only can you find an abundance of information on her blog, but remember to read the comments as well!
  3. Surviving Endometriosis– I have just started reading this blog, and so far I’m impressed!
  4. Endo Empowered– A lot of information about the Endo Diet, as well as some great endometriosis yoga poses in a YouTube Video.

Books to definitely check out!

  1. Stop Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain by Dr.Cook
  2. Illness by Havi Carel



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