The Other Side Of Me

As I sit and watch the sun give way to the moon,

I can feel it inside, the caged woman will emerge soon.

For so long now she has laid to sleep, in the deepest parts of me,

She can hear everything, and there is nothing she can’t see.

From her place, in my mind and heart, she awaits,

for the time when she must emerge and change the fates.

Do not mistake my silence thus far for weakness or fear,

I am simply kept this side of me enclosed, but the time is near.

She will once again stand up , and shake off the dust which is you,

and once again, she will shine through.

For I can only hold her back for so long before she comes to light,

sometimes I hold her back only a little, others with all my might.

Strong, and able to stand alone is she,

soon you will understand, all this time, she was me.

Simply kept at bay to keep things calm, easy going,

little did you know of the anger and hurt you were sowing.

Now what will you do, when she comes forth to speak,

when at last you and the strongest, darkest part of me meet?

Wishing Upon A Star

I wished upon a shooting star,

to always be where ever you are.

I wished together we could watch the skies,

to always see through your eyes.

I wished for each day to be filled with fun,

to always bask in the warmth of your sun.


My life was forever changed when they placed you in my arms,holding you tight

You looked up at me with your big brown eyes and it was

love at first sight.

Your beautiful brown eyes, your tiny hands,

that is when our adventure began.

The Dr took you from me to make sure you were okay.

My heart was exhilarated, and broke all in one day.

Just minutes old and they took you away from me.

Told me there was something wrong, they needed to see.

What felt like years passed and they returned.

The news they gave me,made my heart burn.

Your son has a heart condition and he is week.

Surgery and further medical assistance we shall seek.

I kissed your tiny hands and your tiny face.

For the worst they told me to embrace.

Hours later they come to say

Your son is a fighter he is going to be okay

Now almost ten years have passed my beautiful boy

I know how lucky I am to be able to watch you simply play with a toy.

My lil man, my lil fighter, dont you give in.

If anyone can fight this fight its’ you,and you will win.

For you have more life and more love in your lil hand than most

I know for you in life you will not simply coast.

You were meant for brighter bigger things than this my dear son

Your life, your adventure has just begun.

My lil man will be 10 years old in October. Not bad for a lil guy that was not supposed to make it home with me. If ever a person or child had a fighting spirit it is this lil guy. I love you baby man.


Nothing more painful

Or heart breaking

Than learning you

Never mattered to

A person who meant

The world to you.

As though you were

Merely a wind up toy

They turn the key and

Watch you for amusement

You tell yourself one day

They will miss you

They will come to see you are so

Much more

But that is not the realization that happens…….

You come to see, they were never worth all you gave. Which hurts more than being invisible.


You rest upon the stone wall of my being.

Not all knowing, but all seeing.

All seeing of what happens outside of me.

Lacking the sight to inside see.

Rest upon your cold stone wall.

Fearing that you will ever fall?

Hide your thoughts and your heart.

Waiting for the rain to mask your falling apart.

Downpours from nature you make your own tears.

Saddness, anger, disappoint, from past years.

Perch upon the wall of life, hide from the rest.

The rain will come and then you can cry about the past.

Stone in heart as stone in mind.

Escaping the need to love, to ever be kind.

Sit upon your stone throne safe and sound.

Make sure you share not your heart, until no one is around.

The next rain is upon the horizon, there you find release.

The rain comes, floods through, hurt.. unleash.

Some day I hope you become human, melt your stone layer…

Before the world stands above you, proud to be your slayer.

I can feel

I can feel you change in my heart.

Not understanding why,tears me apart.

It is hard to ignore,when patterns change.

Can’t turn a blind eye to seeing change.

I’m in the dark for the first time with you.

This hurts,I am left without knowing what to do.

I feel you slipping away,almost gone.

I’m Sorry for where ever I’ve done wrong.

Sea of Chaos

Bound by the need to succeed

Lost is the warning “take heed”

Behind a wind carrying the foul stench of the beasts breath

Before lays the path you ride to certain death

To the right one that refuses to feel

To the left one that will never heal

What say you to what path you stride?

Thinking thoughts  you thought long ago died

Those soft eyes encase such hate

Nothing more then a loss, a losing fate

Then the gentle eyes of the one loved so dear

Always the urge to keep that soul near

What say you to which way you will turn?

What say you… which does make you burn?

Need not to answer this request for it is well known

The only way to walk is the path alone

Fake Heart

From the ashes of a broken heart

Crawls forth reasoning for the part

Derived from the flicker of passion

Walking onward in dark fashion

Falling from the high

Loves limits, the sky

Crashing on the ground below

Rising from friend, a foe

Trust so hard to give

I wish not to live

Hold me down

Shut off the sound

Light hurts eyes

Blood on your hand dries

Beneath your foot

My heart, smeared in soot

In your evil hand

My mind banned

To ask why’s

Is to get lies

Leave me be

Let me see

Your true soul

Black as coal

Be gone oh demon

Pass on oh demon

Let me rest

On the moons crest

Rise from this I will

Your memory I kill

Walk away no looking back

You put on a good act


You saying sorry means nothing to me.

I don’t want to hear more lies,Let me be.

Every word you say falls on deaf ears.

Every “I’m sorry” falls on empty heart, like my tears.

Nothing you do,nothing you say.

Will ever replace or take the pain away.

I no longer care how you feel.

I’ve left you in the past,no longer a big deal.

I won’t look back,I won’t see you.

Only looking forward, seeing the new.

The sun is so bright,the flowers in bloom.

Amazing how much color in place of your gloom.

My Teddy Bear

Snuggle my Teddy while he sleeps, making not a peep.

Just to be close,to feel his warmth.

 Never looking back,deny past to come forth.

For in his arms, is promised serenity.

In his embrace, I feel free.

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