Okay, so you have gone to the Dr, you have told them about the ripping, pulling feeling inside during your periods, and often in between as well. They hear your symptoms of extremely painful periods, painful intercourse, and everything that goes with endometriosis. Now they tell you they think you have endometriosis. Now the only way to know is to do a laparoscopy procedure to confirm you do indeed have endometriosis. Now what? Below you will find the information you need. I do not profess to be an expert, but I learned far more from reading blogs, and other endo sisters stories, than any Dr I’ve seen to date.

New To Endometriosis

Here you will find some of the best informative sites/blogs for Endometriosis. As I said before, I learned so much from these ladies,  and from joining groups on Facebook. We are truly each others answers.

Surviving The Worst Flares

A post I made about helping with tips and ideas for getting through the worst days!

My favorite Endo Blogs

Care to share your story? Or wish to read other sisters stories? If you would like to submit your story to be hosted here, please email me the details, a photo if you like and I will add you! Thank you in advance.

Endo Sisters Stories 

Looking for a way to explain how your day with Endometriosis, or any chronic illness, can wear you out? Please read The Spoon Theory, and start making your spoons count.

The Spoon Theory

  Endometriosis Awareness Graphics 

Click the above link for endometriosis Awareness graphics I’ve created. 

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