I recently started my first Bullet Journal. If you have a busy mind, anxiety, worry a lot, or just love to doodle and keep a journal, this is the best one for you. I am addicted! Below are a few of my pages. As I go I’m learning different pages to keep. I already have a great idea of the layout for my second journal.


I am currently on my second bullet journal and have learned a great deal about tailoring it to my personal needs. With this journal I was able to see what I wanted to put in my first few pages before starting my monthly, weekly and daily entries. I divided my name of journal into parts. The first half I am using for tracking, logs, reminders and so forth. The second half I am using for my diary entries.

I am able to keep track of daily tasks, pain, medications and such. This is a huge help for someone with chronic pain and illnesses that cause “brain fog”. I often lost track of what I was doing. Now I write it down and keep track. I also log symptoms and triggers every day such as “weather” or “activity” as being the onset of the symptoms. This has been a great help!

But there is another reason I am in love with my bullet journal. It gives hope, and helps me see that even if I think I didn’t accomplish anything this day, I actually did. You see, I put daily tasks, simple ones, with a box to check. Even on my worst days of pain and exhaustion I am able to check off those simple tasks and feel I did something. It helps to look at my bullet journal at the end of the day and see that I accomplished what I set out to accomplish.

Below is a list of supplies I have found to use with my bullet journal. Including what type of journal I use. If you are thinking this is a daunting task, don’t be discouraged. It is actually very easy and quickly becomes addicting!