I have started a new chapter in my life. Perhaps a new book is the best way to explain the steps I am taking. In mid December I was introduced to Calm, which is an app that helps you learn meditation for various situations and for life in general. The first of January I started a new path, I met with a psychologist for help with my anxiety and PTSD. While I am still very new to therapy, I have opened up so much more than before. Being completely open and honest in treatment about everything has opened my own eyes to so much.

I have gained a wonderful sense of calm and awareness from the meditation. I now meditate three times a day and I am making my own quiet space to practice this new-found love. I advise anyone going through a rough time to look into mediation or even the app Calm. I will put a link below. My daughter, high functioning autism, anxiety and panic disorder finds meditation to be “awesome feelings!” as she puts it. So here is my new journey on finding my own calm, my own peace and most of all learning to be my authentic self! Wish me luck!

Calm App
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