The Jittery Owl Website

I started making leather wrap bracelets to keep my mind busy. After making a few and sharing how I was working through the pain I started getting requests. I have since made many bracelets for many ladies. Mostly in different colors for awareness.

As my interest grew in this area, and skills learned from following online tutorials, I started making my own designs. Then I started looking for a name, a brand, if you will. First it was Endo Strong Creations, then Lynda’s Charming Wraps. But ultimately a new name came to mind.

he Jittery Owl started as a late night discussion of love for coffee and owls. Trying to find a name I was happy with for my bracelets. The Jittery Owl was hatched late at night after having too much coffee and watching owls waiting for babies to hatch. Two great minds, caffeine and the brand name hatched into a Jittery Owl sipping his beloved coffee!

Jeffy The Jittery Owl
The First Sketch of The Jittery Owl

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Examples of my bracelets and accessories.