Update on Cyan and my surgery

0kay, I know many have been asking. I wrote this on Saturday. Update on Cyan and myself, and exactly on happened last week.

August 29,2015
As most of you know, this week has been a rather hard one. It started last Friday. Cyan came to me with a “bite” on her leg. I sent photos to her Dr through teledoc. He thought it was a staph infection. He called in her medications and we picked them up. Saturday it was the same as Friday, so no worries. Sunday night it had gotten a bit larger. I sent another photo and text to her Dr and he said it would take a little time for the medication to improve the look of the infected area.

Monday my Dr called wanting me to have surgery the next day vs Friday. I agreed. Cyan came home and her leg was hurting more and the wound was a little bigger. Thomas drew a line around it so we could watch it. All the while I took photos of it each day.

I went to my surgery Tuesday morning. They let me go home late afternoon. That evening she said it seemed worse. It was. I asked if she wanted to stay home, but she said no she wanted to attend school. When she came home Wednesday it had doubled in size, and she could not walk very well at all. I called her Dr and rushed her to see him. He increased her medications, and told me to see if it helped in 24 hours.

Thursday she woke at seven am for school, the wound had actually gotten worse over night, again. She decided to stay home. I had her take the second dose of bactrim. At 10:30 am her leg was even worse. I sent a text with photo to her Dr and asked “when do I start to panic?” He text back with “Er now, SFH 61 and Yale”. I called Thomas at work and he headed home. I contacted Scott at work and he wanted to be kept updated. I let my Mom know she was headed to the ER and we were expecting to stay at least one night. Well, they drained her leg, inner thigh above the knee, and she did really good. I was proud of her for not freaking out, though it was extremely painful for her. They gave us the option to go home and do more meds and hope she improved, or stay and do IV medications. Her Dr said “Stay” so I said “Done”. I knew the seriousness of this issue, as did he. So we stayed. I let everyone know she was being admitted. Scott, bless his heart, took off work and drove over an hour straight to the hospital. My son was set to stay with Jennifer and her family, and she was caring for my dogs. Thomas and Scott stayed until about 8pm. After they left Zach, her bff, showed up with his Mom and they stayed until well after 10 pm. Cyan was so happy to see her friend and get to talk to someone. When the night Dr came in and told us she was staying until at least Sunday, Zach told his mom she had to bring him up to stay with Cyan each day she was in the hospital. Such a lovable young man.

After getting a shower and getting into a comfy hospital gown, she drifted to sleep. They came in and did her antibiotics through the iv through out the night. When she woke up the Dr’s came in to see how she was. We were all amazed at the difference. Her leg was not as swollen, she was able to walk, and there was no heat coming from her leg. It was very hot before. The Dr’s came back and told us she had a miraculous turn around and could come home. I think I took a breath for the first time since Tuesday. Scott took Friday off to come and stay with her and I at the hospital. Which was great, he was able to bring us home. He came in with a gift for her a stuffed Puppy and gave me an adorable owl. He is such a wonderful  and amazing guy. He treated us to lunch at Logan’s steakhouse and then home.

Zach and Cyan were supposed to attend the first dance of the school year. They were unable to attend, so he came to the house and stayed with her. He brought her a cool Minion doll they could draw on, chocolate and a sweet card. She was so happy to see him. He left a little after midnight, with plans to return tomorrow.

We are home, I was able to see my Dr for my post op while there. It is all part of the same hospital. The biopsies taken from my bladder and urethra showed endometriosis inside my bladder. So along with IC the endometriosis was responsible for a large part of my pain, again.

Cyan is having hot flashes, they looked into her hormones and she will be seeing Dr Frye soon. He will put her on a birth control. IF this does not help, then she will need to have a lap surgery.

Home, about to sleep in my own bed, completely drained of all energy. If I forgot to call or text anyone, please understand, this has been a very rough week. Thank you very much for everyone who text, called, sent messages a and posted as well..

Thank you Jennifer for everything you did for me this week. Love you girl. Thomas and I would be so very lost with out you. Between you and Scott, we were so lucky!
This could have been extremely serious. I’m glad it turned out for the best. Lastly, thank you to Dr.Raley and the staff at Saint Francis Children’s Hospital. You literally helped save this girl’s life. Love you all so much!

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