The beginning

As many of you know, I’ve been fighting a battle behind the scenes. I share this only for others who may need that “ah-ha” moment.
After years of painful monthly cycles, leg pain, lower back and ab pain, migraines and so much more, answers came. Diagnosis, endometriosis.
We now know I have been living with endometriosis for 13 or more years. I was told by doctors it was normal to require painkillers and muscle relaxers for cramps and intense pain. Even passing out at times.

Answers are wonderful. Knowing this has no cure is not easy. The pain became unbearable in February of this year. Finally I decided I couldn’t handle it. Thinking the pain was existing ovarian cysts, I finally talked to the Dr. Then the answers came.
Now, after all tests have been done, I’m taking a huge step to overcome this disease.
Though this is not a cure, it is the best step towards relief of pain that went from once monthly to every day. The Dr will perform a full hysterectomy removing ovary and tubes as well. Then removing as much of the endometriosis as possible.
This will take place September 25th. Two weeks from today. They are planning a laparoscopic procedure. Though, once in operating room they may need to do abdominal. I will be in the hospital at least 3 days possibly more.
I will update u as I can or have those close to me update. 🙂

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