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To my followers, my readers, my G+ family, my Endo sisters..

Last I wrote I was getting ready to do the Interstim trial for bladder issues due to IC. Sad to say, I had the surgery done, then I was allergic to the trial leads and had a very bad experience. Does it work? YES it does, it cut down on pain, it cut down on need to urinate, it was great. I would encourage others to give it a go.  I will write a detailed post about that experience when ready.)

I’ve been a bit quiet on my social networks and here on my blog as of late. There is a very good reason for this. Many of you know I had what we thought was a “bad reaction to medications” about a month ago. I had lost feeling in my face, lips, tongue, hands, and feet. I had lost balance, and my body and brain were just lethargic is the best way to say it.  I could not pick up my phone and text, I could not speak as I slurred my words. I feared it was a stroke but it lacked the correct issues. I then thought TIA but again, it lacked a few key signs. I remained this way for three days. Dizzy, extremely nauseated, my limbs were not listening to my brain, which was so disconnected from existence.  We thought it was a reaction to some medication changes. I was better within three days. But the nausea and dizziness has not gone away. My speech  is better and my hands are able to type now. But I still have trouble with balance and thinking at times.

What does this mean? Well, now that I’ve had time to inform family, I can tell you. I will be seeing a neurologist for a final diagnosis, but hoping they find another reason than the one  they are looking for. It is possible that I have MS. (multiple sclerosis) So, here we go again. Am I ready? Yes. I am ready for the MRI, the blood tests (to rule out other issues, but I did most of those already when they were ruling out Lupus and other auto immune issues in July) and the LP (Lumbar puncture test results of spinal fluid). How likely is it that I have MS? According to my Dr, very likely.

So, I put on my gloves, and I get ready for the battle. I’ve battled to get my speech, hand coordination, and get my mind to feel like it is still with the last three weeks. I will fight whatever this diagnosis is. Even if it’s MS, or if it is something else. I don’t give up, I won’t give up.  Whatever this is, it won’t win.


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