Surviving Endo “Flares”


First, what is an “endo flare”? Well, it is when our pain from endometriosis hits a high. Usually do to stress, ovulation (pms), physically over doing something, or another health issue that inflames our bodies.
So, I thought, since I’m in the beginning of a flare, I could write about how to handle it.

I know when I become completely fatigued I am in for a rough week or two.
What are your symptoms during a flare?
Keep in mind, we are all different. 🙂

  1. The first thing I notice, is I am completely wiped out. I can’t stay awake for anything. Even with caffeine or moving around, nothing helps me stay awake. It is a very strong, sudden wave of fatigue.
  2. My lower back starts to ache. If I bend over to pick something up, I feel a sharp pain when I rise again.
  3. My thighs and calves start to ache. Not a muscle ache, but deeper, like the bones hurt.
  4. Headaches/migraines begin.
  5. Intolerance to cold things touching me, or being cold.
  6. Pelvic pain, on both sides and in the middle below the belly button to pubic bone.
  7. Vaginal pain, these are usually a pain that starts inside and shoots out like a nerve is hit or a hot knife is slicing through.
  8. Ovary pain, I only have my right ovary, so my right side gets this horrible stabbing pain over and over. It does not stop.
  9. When I move from one position to another it feels like my insides are zip tied together and pull as I move.
  10. nausea, and severe IBS symptoms/ extreme pain with BM
  11. Overall feeling of not having any energy at all.

How do you handle these days?

I make sure I do not have to move as much as possible on the worst pain days. I also avoid anything that will make me bloat further. (Endometriosis gives you Endo Tummy which looks like you are pregnant)  In order to ensure I am not moving more than I can handle, since I’m alone during the day. I make sure I have everything I need close by. This is my survival kit for Endo Flares.

  1. I make sure I have my medications, pain medications,any medications I need to take during the day, close by.
  2. I wear fold over waist yoga pants, this helps so much as the stomach becomes so sensitive to anything tight on it. I pair them with a loose-fitting tunic top. I also keep socks close in case my feet get cold.
  3. Tissues
  4. a large cold drink
  5. snacks (things that won’t upset my stomach, as endo flares come with nausea)
  6. lotion
  7. lip balm
  8. note pad and pen in case I need to make a note
  9. inhaler (for my asthma)
  10. comfy pillow
  11. favorite blanket (mine is a heat blanket, helps soothes the pain of legs, hips, and thighs)
  12. My snuggle buddy, Ruby the Endo Roo, (please see credits in post)
  13. My favorite thing is my craft bag. I put any book I am reading, my adult art therapy color books, colors, color pencils, my address book and note cards to fill out “Yellow” mail to send other sisters, and pens.
  14. I also make sure I do my best at Yoga For Endometriosis, it helps so much! Link in the credits!

A few photos of my Endo Flare Survival Kit

So, take it easy, if you like tea, and on cold days I do, I will brew hot water on the stove in the tea kettle, then transfer it to a small thermos. I take what I need to make tea, mug, sugar, lemon, honey, whatever you like, and set it on my table with the thermos. This way it’s ready to go when you need it. 🙂

I hope this helps some of our new members to our community and maybe give ideas to those Endo Warriors that have been here a while!


Ruby The Endo Roo is available from wonderful endo sister Kelsey Chin, who created Ruby for Endometriosis awareness,and now sells them to help raise money for endo girls in need of excision surgery. Her site is Ask Me About My Endo.
Endometriosis Yoga poses can be found on Yoga 4 Endometriosis created by Allannah, I learned about her from Melissa Turner at Endo Empowered
Adult Art Therapy, or Coloring Books can be found on Amazon, or other sites. Just search Art Therapy or Adult Coloring Books. 


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