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So, as many of you know Team Oklahoma is a chapter in Endo Worldwide March. Fighting for more awareness, demanding education, recognition and to make a difference.  So many of us Endo girl have fought so hard for just that, but we’ve been fighting by ourselves. Now we have a place to get together and fight together, to be heard. We are small at the moment, and just getting started. But, as with everything, we will grow, with love and nurturing of our goals and dreams.

I applied for Planning Committee and Board member with Endo March, and was honored when I was given the positions. Now, we need more members, more girls to donate their time to this cause. We have some less time-consuming positions available as well. So please, give it some thought!

If you would like to fight back and help us fight endometriosis and demand education, recognition, and make a difference, please apply for the jobs below, if you need help please email me, or message me on fb, G+ or twitter, for further information. I hope more of you will want to become active in fighting this disease!

endomarchlynda at

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