Life is a privilege, Not a right.


The ability to laugh at any situation, to find a smile, regardless how deep down you have to go to find a reason to smile, is what keeps you active and the author of your own story. I’m often asked, “Why do you find humor in everything in life?” or to those that know me as positive posting on G plus, “How do you stay so positive?” Well, it is simple. Yes,life throws us all a few curve balls. We all go through a rough place in our lives. Some of us, many here on my fb have chronic illnesses that truly have changed our lives. We can’t help what we go through, but we can choose to fight through the pain, we can choose to keep our kindness, our hearts and our smiles intact. Because that is truly only up to us to keep or lose. You can become bitter, you can start to spiral into thoughts of “why me” and being angry with the situation. Or, you can turn it all around and fight, work, be the best you possible. Yes, you may be limited by what you could do before, but you go with the change.

I may spend a day or two unable to walk, does that make me less of a person? I may require a little more help than I ever did before, but I’m still me. My mind is strong and still independent, even if my body is not always. I am not less because of the things that have taken place in my life. I am more, because the struggle is difficult, but I am winning because I am still able to enjoy my life.
I can’t travel to see family, I have not been able to, due to health issues, for about five years or more. The sad thing is, many of them come to the city I live in, but never come by or even tell me. That was hurting for a while, then I came to see, it is just another bump in the road. A bump, you can slow down and take it with caution and worry, getting upset. Or you can push the accelerator and turn it into a fun ramp and soar for a moment in the air. The choice is yours. Solely yours. So, when I see negative people, always posting negative status’ and always feeling completely sorry for themselves with out even trying, I tend to try and cheer them up, if it’s impossible and they are determined to be negative or hateful, I simply walk away. Because I can’t stay positive with so much negativity.
So, push the accelerator, and enjoy the ride, smile, enjoy and be happy you have a life. It is not a right, it is a privilege.

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