When you are the parent of a child with ASD, certain things are not exactly in your realm of “normal”.  So, when those things that are not in your “normal” happen, you become so happy and excited you could cry. Though to other’s it may seem a bit silly. My daughter, age 14, is high functioning, but social skills are lacking. She is more comfortable with adults or much younger children. The last month she has come home talking about this new friend she has made. New friend. First new friend in 7 years! Her and this young lady have been walking out of school together when I pick her up. A few times, Cyan had even been late due to “chatting” at her locker with her new-found friend.  Of course, this did not bother me in the least! I was happy she was finding a friend to talk to, that she respected. Today, she and Katie wanted to “hang” after school. Cyan was afraid I would not be up for company due to my tests this morning. So they arranged to visit Katie’s home. I, being the protective mother I am, looked up the address and found a few registered  sex offenders near by.  Cyan decided if I was up to it, they could come here. So right now, Cyan is in her newly decorated “teenage” room thanks to a birthday gift from Scott and her grandmother, with her new friend, just chatting away, laughing, and my heart is full of joy.

As the mother of an autistic child, I don’t get to experience things the way most parents do, so when they happen, they are HUGE for me, and this is huge. I hope Cyan has found that friend. Like the one I met about her age that is still my best friend. I hope they have that bond, and share their  lives together. I want that so much for my beautiful young girl. I like this young lady, Miss Katie is very smart, very sweet, and I like that she and Cyan compliment each other.

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