Endometriosis Awareness Month


Today is the last day of endometriosis awareness month. BUT, endometriosis awareness is not just a month for me, it is every month, every week, every day. Thank you to those that supported me by sharing yellow for endo pictures, who visited my blog and took the time to see exactly what this disease is all about. How it affects my life, and the life of those around me.
While I am the one in pain, my little family Thomas, Scott, and the kids are affected as well. The stress of worrying, the stress of hospital trips, surgeries, days off work to help, plans canceled due to a surprise flare.
This disease has taken so much from me, but I keep fighting to get it back. The treatments and surgeries have altered my body much older than my age. Bone density loss, weakened joints, arthritis in my lower back and hips, so much comes with this disease. Including secondary chronic illnesses, Interstitial  cystitis for example.

I will keep walking my path, I will continue to do all the things I can, and push the limits with what endometriosis says I can not do now. So thank you for taking this month long journey with me. Those on my G plus have actually been taking this journey with me from day one. I opened up there much longer than I did on any other social media site.
SO thank you to my Google Plus family, I love you all! Thank you to all the Endo Sisters I have met since embarking on this insane journey. All the advice, all the laughter, and Kayla, all the trips to the Zoo. 😉

Thank you to Thomas, who stops at absolutely  nothing to make sure I am able to get from point A to point B. Thank you to Scott, who helps every way he can, and mostly calming me down when I feel I just can’t do more, and for all the times you meet us at the hospital and take the kids and keep them safe while I’m unable to. Thank you to my children, Cyan and Korbin who have been so amazing during this journey. They are so helpful, lil man grabbing anything I need, if I happen to drop something he runs to grab it before I can. Cyan always comes in and asks how I am doing, if my day was okay. If an “ouch” or “damn” escapes my mouth in pain she always says “Does it hurt?” if I say yes, she replies “I’m really sorry Mom.”

I could not ask for a better support system than you all, thank you for  every day.

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