Will you help us, or will you try to silence us?


Yellow "Hope" bracelet Endometriosis AwarenessWill you help us, or will you try to silence us?

Endometriosis is a crippling and incurable disease that 1 in 10 women/girls have. It is common, though very little awareness in both medical community and general public is almost non existent. It takes an average of 6-10 years for a diagnosis, some wait 15-20 years for a correct diagnosis. Often females are diagnosed with IBS etc. Because it takes so long to get a proper diagnosis, women/girls suffer in silence and lose their organs, have miscarriages and risk infertility. Women tend to lost their careers, friends, even family support because of the misunderstanding about this very serious but invisible disease.

For this reason we fight for awareness. We spread the word on our Facebook, twitter, G +, and Instagram accounts, trying to get awareness. Trying to spark more support, and demand more medical professionals learn fact from myth surrounding this horrible disease. So for those that have continued to follow me as I spread the word on my social media accounts, thank you for not muting me or unfollowing me. To those that muted or hit the unfollow button, thank you for helping the world silence women in pain.

I will not be silenced, I will be loud and I will see results, not just for me, but for everyone woman, and every girl who currently suffers from this disease, and for every woman and every girl who may be diagnosed in their lifetime. It could be my daughter, it could be your daughter, your wife, your best friend. Will you silence them? Or will you help us spread the awareness as many spread awareness about breast cancer and such? The choice is yours, but I do hope you help us change the way Endometriosis is seen, and force the world to take notice of 176  million women world wide suffering, will you let them suffer in silence?




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