Statcounter tells you who is seeing your posts and so much more!

Okay, so if you have a site and you want to know who is visiting your pages, what they are reading, when they read it and where they are from right down to the internet service or type of phone they are using to read you post, like I do… Get Statcoutner. It logs every visit!
Information it gives you?

1. When they visited your site.
2. What pages they viewed and for how long.
3. Where they are from: City, State, Country.
4. IF they looked at your site via a phone it tells you their carrier, and what phone they used to view your site.
5. How they landed on your page, link from Facebook, twitter, other social media, search engines or direct.

And so much more! Included is a screenshot to show you exactly what you can see, beyond just how many hits your page has gotten. Also a link to the plugin it’s self. It can be used on pretty much any website of your choosing.

In this first screen shot you can see it logs how many hits you get, now you can get as specific on this as you like. Unique hits, return hits, first time hits. (Click image to get a better view)
StatCounter ScreenShot

In this image you can see the details of who visited my page. Now I selected page 2 to screen cap  because you can see near the bottom that someone in Salisaw, Oklahoma visited and were on a Galaxy Note 4. Then you can see a person from Corio,  Victoria, Austraila visited on an Apple Iphone and moved around quite a lot. Then someone in Hull, Kingston, UK using Chrome and Windows 10. See the detail. Now I can also follow more in depth details and learn more about who is visiting my site and what they are reading.


StatCounter has many more options and is truly and amazing plugin. So, if you have a site and want to know where you are getting most of your hits, or want to know who is reading your page, head on over to StatCounter and get the plugin!

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