Human Awareness

So much stress, so much drama and a lot of hurt feelings in the last few months.  The endometriosis awareness community on Facebook had some major blow ups, some bullying, and a lot of harassment.  I finally ended up leaving the groups that were having so many issues. Later I moved on to start my own support group, I invited only the ladies I trusted the most, and knew were not drama queens or trouble starters. Only myself and one other admin, so many of the duties fell on me as the other admin was absent from the group. We discussed adding another admin but the ones we trusted to add were not available. So we left it with just the two of us, as it was a small group. Long story short due to drama I left my own group. I worked hard to get the group going, offering fun contests and so forth to engage members.  I left without a word due to stress, drama and what I am now learning to see as a toxic situation.

So that brings me to what I have been thinking for a few weeks now. I know I started this blog centered around raising awareness for endometriosis and keeping everyone updated on how life is going through this journey. But, yes I know I said but! But life is so much more than endometriosis. I have multiple diseases and I’m sick of bringing  awareness to just one. I work to bring awareness for autism as well but I want to broaden my reach. I do not want to put a long list of what I support or what I want awareness for because this is so much more than the diseases I have. I want awareness for something we all need to be aware of and all need to take action to support. I want to use my connections on G+ other social media to spread a new kind of awareness. Ready to learn what that will be?

I want to bring attention to something that is bigger than my problems, bigger than ladies with multiple diseases, and bigger than autism. I want to start spreading human awareness. Human awareness? Yes Human Awareness.

I think we have all lost sight of something very important. In this time of using text messages, social media and all tech ways to communicate and interact we have forgotten something. We have forgotten that on the other side of that post you just made about the person you don’t like or don’t approve of is a human being reading your words. A human being feeling your words and hurting from what they have read.  That person you used to confide in but let your pride get in the way of enjoying their company and now you are talking badly about them is a human being. Capable of feeling, capable of being hurt and words hurt a lot these days because font on a screen is what we see most often.

Human awareness, I want you to look at the computer, tablet or phone screen and know, really know there is another human being with feelings reading what you have typed. I want people to remember what social media was created for, not what we have turned it into. It was created to keep in touch, to help businesses thrive, keep families close across the miles. It was created to put high school friends in touch once again and keep up with each others lives. To share like interest with our peers and share our lives with  those that we love and trust.

What has it become? Social media has become the place more often than not that people harass each other, talk about each other, bully each other, body shame each other, and so much more negative stuff that I need to stand up and shake the icky off me before I continue.

Okay, that is much better all clean now!

We have forgotten common decency, we have lost our way on how to interact with people and we are losing our humanity in the balance.  I know this is happening because I am seeing it. It is largely what took place and caused me so much stress and pain that I left a group I worked so hard to get going. No details other than to say words were mistaken and things snowballed into a crazy event that I still do not quite understand. I was called cold, abrupt, “do not give a fuck” and more. Things that could not be further than the truth. I know many of you are reading this and are confused. I was then told not to go and speak to others about what happened because it  would only be serving my own agenda.  But venting is good.

You know me as someone that will be there for you, take up for you, stand up for what is right and give my all. You also know me as a very honest person who will speak the truth when it is needed. That was my crime, I spoke up about things that hurt me and was met not with understanding or talking it out but slammed with how cold I am over and over. Many of you who have followed me on G+ know that I struggled with letting people go that upset me, I didn’t want to hurt  feelings. Then Jason Fisk helped me by saying “They are just names on a website.” Then I was able to block the ones that were bothering me, without so much guilt. I have long sense learned to simply remove the people that cause trouble.  This and so much more was twisted and thrown back in a very painful way. I gave up.

SO there you have it, what brought me to this new beginning. On social media and my blog. I will no longer blog only about endometriosis or my other diseases. I will blog about the disease of social media, the loss of humanity.  No longer just this awareness or that… I want Human Awareness!

Thank you for reading a rather long entry.
Love Always
Faulted and Flawed but better for it.

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