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Hello my wonderful readers and stalkers. 😉

So it has been a month since my last update. So much has been going on that I have not really had the time to post much of anything. I have been lacking on my social media (Sorry to my G+ family, you know I love you!) and I have been pouring my energy and time into other things. What has been keeping you from us? you ask? Well, recently, and you should all be aware by now, I started on the adventure of turning my little hobby into something more. Having lost the ability to keep a job, oh how the lab misses me, I mean how I miss the lab, I have decided to give my little company The Jittery Owl more attention and see what happens. I now have a name, a signature style bracelet,logo, mascot and 2500 likes on my FB page. Holy moley I never dreamed it would go over that fast or that well. Everyone is a huge fan of Jeffy The Jittery Owl and I’ve been selling bracelets every day. I am grateful for everyone that has purchased a bracelet, or a Jeffy item from the online stores. I am also grateful and blown away by the 2.5K likes on the fb page. My goodness, you humble me! So,we have the supplies rolling in, the stamp has been made of the logo and the first bracelets will send out this Friday and Saturday. That is a bit of why I’ve been absent online.

Those closest to me know the other reasons for my being absent on social media. Following drama on both G+ and the support group drama on FB, I took a huge step back from social media. Finding things elsewhere to keep my mind busy and let things heal. I’ve been reading books, learning new skills, and spending a lot of time foraging for items to make beautiful pieces with. Now that I am healed from the hurt that took place, I decided to come back. Making my every morning posts on G+ and chatting with others. Sadly another issue arises but instead of going off social media, I have decided to say screw it. I am tired of getting close to someone only to be let down. Am I giving up? No, I never do. I am simply moving things in my life around and putting them where I want them. No rearranging my time for someone else to be more convenient for them. I am grateful for the person I get to chat with daily without any expectations or pressures. A true diamond in the rough and honestly one of the funniest people I know.

In August of 2014, following my second surgery, I went to Dallas with Scott to see OSU play FSU in the season opening game. Whilst there we spent a lot of time walking around. (Three weeks after surgery, it was probably a bad idea!) I developed this horrible burning pain in my left hip. I was sure it was due to the walking so much around downtown Dallas so soon after surgery. My Dr had me see a specialist who thought it was hip bursitis. He placed me in PT for my hip, and it became worse. So they put me in water therapy, that did not help either. The more exercise the more my hip and leg burned. I gave up on the PT and the water PT. I was just living with the pain and not understanding why the heavy doses of dilaudid were not working for it. Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I had a horrible flare of that pain in my left hip. Upon talking to a friend whilst having lunch, she talked about her own issues. A key thing she said “felt like I was sitting on a softball on my left side” stuck with me. BOOM. Mystery solved. The MRI showed I have foraminal stenosis with severe root nerve damage in my lower back. Thus causing this horrible pain that nothing helps. Nothing helps because there is nothing that can be done for nerve pain. Surgery is my only hope of relief, that is in the works now.

I also had an EEG done to look for the what is causing the neurological episodes that have been taking place since October. They induced hyperventilation, anxiety/panic attacks, and so forth to see how my brain and body reacted. The EEG was normal according to the report in my online chart. I will see the neurologist to confirm the findings. I see my pain/spine Dr in 9 days to see what can be done about the spine/hip pain. Here is to hope!

So I have a lot going on, and a few distractions, but I’m finally getting back to me, back to the normal that is my life. Here is a “screw you” to the pain, the selfish people and a heartfelt thank you to everyone helping The Jittery Owl get off to a great start.

Hold your head up high, walk with pride and never let them get you down. But remember, their is beauty and grace in a person that knows they are wrong and apologizes vs the one that refuses to see anyway but theirs as “right”.

Until Next Time,
The Jittery Owl
Jeffy The Jittery Owl

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