Dear Endometriosis Ladies

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Endometriosis ladies,
Remember who you are, outside of this disease. Remember the life you have, the breath in your lungs and live. Be happy, though it is difficult at times. Fight with everything you have in you. Life is too short to let this or any other disease stop you or hold you back. Do what you need to do, even if it’s different from what the rest are doing. Everyone has a different story, things work for some and do not for others. That does not make us enemies. That makes us one piece of a much larger puzzle.
Do not cause drama for each other, do not compare your pain or situation to others. We are all going to have bad days. When someone posts asking for help or discussing their horrible pain, listen, read, hear them and do not reply with how bad you have it. Try to offer support rather than “Oh that’s nothing I have….” comments. Okay? We are supposed to be strong women fighting for the same thing. A cure and knowledge.
Stop with the bickering among you. Stop the cyber bullying lynch mob mentality when you have a disagreement. GROW UP. How can we expect the world to take us seriously when so many are acting so childish? Come on ladies. If you can’t get along then unfriend and move on. You don’t need to share private conversations, you don’t need to trash the other person or try to turn all mutual friends against them. Just go your separate ways and be done with it. Let things move along smoothly. From on endometriosis lady to all of the others, fight the disease, not each other!

Kicking Ass and Taking Names Warrior

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